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When everything I touch turns to sh$t. Understanding the law of attraction.

You ever have those days, weeks, or months when everything you touch turns to sh@t? Or at least it FEELS like everything you touch turns to sh#t. The day starts badly and then something that you thought was going to be easy ends up being completely not easy and takes twice as long as it should have and you keep losing your pen, which just drives you even more crazy and every difficult client decides they need to be called back RIGHT NOW and your lunch exploded in your lunch bag and…(you get the idea). Or when bad things happen in 3s. Like 3 blocked cats? Or 3 aggressive dogs? I once had 3 pericardial effusions turn up within a week of each other. Side note: I got good at tapping heart sacs real fast. You ever wonder why this happens?

The Law of Attraction

When I first learned about the law of attraction it was from the book The Secret. This was back in the days when I was trying to manifest myself into Survivor. Needless to say it didn’t work because what I got from that book was to visualize what you want and then it will happen. But the law of attraction is actually a little more complicated than that. Fast forward about 15 years and I was introduced to Abraham Hicks by Stacey Martino.* I read the book Ask and it is Given and started listening to you tube videos by Abraham. These things, along with my work with Stacey and some good friends has really helped me to understand this law of attraction thing better. It’s not just about visualization. It’s about vibration. We are all energetic beings. When we think things, feel things, visualize things, this sets our energy vibrating at a certain “wavelength” so to speak. The thing about the law of attraction is that for every vibration you have, if you keep that vibration long enough (68 seconds at least) the universe will match it with something and you will attract it back to yourself. So that angry client? If you sit and stew and worry and complain about it, you are attracting more of them back to you.

What’s amazing about the law of attraction is that it works for the good and the bad. You ever have one of those days where everything is easy? Nothing can get you down, you are rockin’ it and you are in the flow of things? That is using the law of attraction to your advantage. You are in a good vibrational state and therefore are attracting and manifesting more good stuff to you!

Understanding the law of attraction completely explains the “everything I touch turns to sh%t” phenomenon. You get into a sh€t vibration pattern, so the universe sends more sh*t your way.

So what to do about this. Check yourself before you wreck yourself.

PAY ATTENTION to your state. If you are in a sh+t state then do whatever you need to do to get yourself feeling better. I like to play show tunes in my car really loud and sing along but that’s just me. Everyone has their go-to feel better things. If you are so far down the rabbit hole then look at the emotional guidance scale. Remember that? Look at the emotion above the one you are at. Try to get to a place of feeling that. Then move up one more. Keep doing that until you are on the upward and not downward spiral.

Or just sit down, take some deep breaths and smile like your life depended upon it. We can actually trick our brains into being happy with just this one thing! Next time you notice you are in a funk try one of these things. Whatever method that works for you is the best one!

So if you see me singing my fool head off in the car, you know why. This is life changing work we do. You got this.

*This post may contain affiliate links. Please know that I only recommend things that I have experienced myself and have found to be valuable to my growth or well being. If you purchase a product offered I may benefit with a small commission.

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