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A breakup letter to my student loan debt

Dear Student Loan Debt,

It’s finally come to this. After years of struggling with you. Waiting for you to change. Feeling dragged down by you. Feeling ashamed of how big and scary you are. I just can’t do it anymore. I know now that I can’t keep hoping you will change. You will never change as long as I can’t even look at you.

And so, we need to breakup.

I’m tired of keeping you in the closet. Tired of pretending you don’t exist. I can’t keep ignoring you or giving you the silent treatment. Just the thought of you stresses me out and gives me stomach cramps. No more. No more.

I refuse to be your prisoner anymore. I refuse to feel ashamed of you any longer. I’m sure you could sense this breakup coming. After all, we go way back. And rather than a breakup I’m going to reframe all this and call it, a breakthrough. Because in order for this breakup to be healthy I have to get to a different place with you. I need to leave this shame behind and embrace you for the value that you have given me.

So thank you.

Thank you for all that you have given me. With your help I was able to become a skilled and capable veterinarian that saves lives. Because of you Maggie, Mako, Bentley, Abby, Bella, and Harley (to name a few) are all alive and happy and healthy. Because of you there have been more kisses, more tummy rubs, more belly laughs, and more smiles in this world. Because of you I have been able to do this. To save lives. To perpetuate the purest of unconditional love that is shared between human and animal. You helped me do that. And for that, I am so grateful.

And though you may be big, no longer will I let the tiny legs of shame creep into my chest when I think of you. I will face you with my head held high and plan for your demise. And please, don’t feel like I never loved you. Because you are the purveyor of love. And that is nothing to be ashamed of.


The Purposeful Vet

4 thoughts on “A breakup letter to my student loan debt”

  1. Love it!! Well said! I am proud to be a DVM that took on that awful student loan to achieve my dream – maybe it makes my degree seem that much sweeter … when the days are really rough I remind myself of how badly I wanted this and that it was so worth it!

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    1. Yes! Thank you for your feedback! Our debt is a means to an end and feeling badly about doesn’t help us in any way. Finding the gift in it and appreciating what it has given us feels so much better!


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